25mm Mink Eyelashes, STB mirror case included.  Abigail's Story:  Abigail acted with wisdom and discernment in order to avoid calamity. She and Nabal lived in the region where David, Israel’s future king, was hiding as a fugitive. While David and his men were there, they protected Nabal’s flocks of sheep from robbers. But when messengers from David asked Nabal for some food, Nabal insolently refused to provide it. David was incensed! So he and his men went out to kill Nabal and all the men of his household. - 1 Samuel 25:10-12, 22. Abigail acted quickly when she heard what her husband had done. She gave her servants a supply of food to take to David and his men, and she followed to beg David for mercy. (1 Samuel 25:14-19, 24-31) When David saw her gift, observed her humility, and heard her wise advice, he recognized that God had used her to prevent a tragedy.